The following fees may be agreed upon with the client:

Hourly rates

Fees for providing legal services are billed at an hourly set rate based on an agreement with the client and the number of hours that have been required to provide legal services.                                 

Tariffs for specific tasks

The fees for providing legal services are set based on the number of legal service tasks which are carried out for a client, and the fee for 1 task will be governed by the legal representation tariff pursuant to Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on attorney fees and reimbursement of attorneys for provided legal services (attorney tariff), based on the nature of the services provided. These fees may even be applied in cases when no other agreement regarding the amount of the fees is reached.

Agreed fees for specific tasks

Fees for providing legal services are determined by the number of specific tasks performed, which in relation to a particular matter are carried out for the client, with it further arranged that the fee per 1 task is agreed upon with the client.

Monthly recurring fee

The fee for providing legal services is set as a fixed monthly amount and includes the scope of hours of provided legal services agreed upon in advance with certain benefits as far as fee amounts are concerned.

Recurring fee

Fees for providing legal services are set as a fixed amount for comprehensive handling of matters and shall be agreed upon with the client when legal services are negotiated.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The authority responsible for handling out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between an attorney and a client who is a consumer is the Czech Bar Association. If a dispute arises between the client and an attorney which cannot be resolved through negotiation, the client shall be entitled to contact the Czech Bar Association with a request for out-of-court resolution of the dispute with the attorney. More detailed information is published on the website of the Czech Bar Association at www.cak.cz.

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